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Chevrolet Cruze tuned up – now offers 241 hp and 229 lb/ft torque

Walkinshaw Performance has tuned up the Chevrolet Cruze. The vehicle with a 1.4 liter turbo engine which was only capable of 130 hp and 148 lb/ft torque is now more powerful with its tuned up Ecotec engine offering 241 hp and 229 lb/ft torque with equates to 75% more power and 55% additional torque.

Besides these engine enhancements, the tuning company has also added some handling and suspension upgrades, while price of the tuned up model is still a mystery. Walkinshaw Performance equips the Cruze with ground breaking package. Tony Harris, General Manager of Walkinshaw Performance is excited about newly upgraded Cruze Hot Hatch which the tuning company has designed after hours and hours of testing and refinement.

Chevrolet Cruze is latest entrant in compact sedan segment. It possesses two new small displacement four cylinder engines – 140 hp with 1.4 liter turbo and a 138hp with 1.8 liter naturally aspirated engine. It is fitted with additional safety features which include a total of 10 airbags, stability control, anti locking brakes, traction control, anti theft, etc. It is also seen with heated leather power steering, sunroof, remote start and satellite radio.

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