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Reji Rajan : Friend we love you

We love you

Funeral: St. Thomas Church, Kirkee , Pune

Monday: 2:30 p.m. 6th October

This is very difficult. Not everyone’s world famous, but there are people who are loved by all they meet. Reji Rajan, I could never call him that. For me he was always “Reggae” or “fatty.” It’s been exactly 4 years and 11 months we’ve known each other, we met in the last week of October in 2003, and probably today I know why the Oktoberfest always rang a bell.

Getting a job at Convergys helped us meet. We did everything young professionals do, parties, rebel, pass out and spend a lot of time together. We’ve spent days at an end together and never fought. We’ve gone to so many places together, travel was fun, but I know it’ll never be the same again. He has a free spirit, he loved taking off.

He loved wine, never smoked a cigarette, didn’t abuse and enjoyed being with people. Hard work, determination and a vision, he personified such measures. He worked at AXA, moved to 3G; I know he was doing well. We celebrated his birthday together this year. He handled it all as it came, success, situations, events and even the calling off of his wedding. He’s the heights of being funny. He always bought me chocolates, each time.

I’ll tell you something funny. He comes home one day and I’m like wait awhile, I’m just finishing. Then I’m like how come here, you’re supposed to be elsewhere. He’s like yes, then sits another 5 minutes and says I have a long holiday. So I’m like but that’s for a reason.  He says, yes, then laughs and says I know was to be married; don’t look so shocked the wedding got called off. He loved with his heart, people and religion. He always went through the lent period like a true Christian and converting to a Hindu was asking too much from a happy soul like him.

Our last meal was at Chaitanyas, and our last bottle of wine together was two oceans, last fast food, KFC, and last cake, his chocolate birthday cake. I never knew they’d be the end. I had no chairs at home; I had to get them super quick so Reggae could sit, because the recliner was uncomfortable. We watched sports together, news, discussed CPI (M) and all the funny people we’ve known. He loved Kerala and was a good mallu. Dear, we’ll miss you. Till death do us apart, and you will always live on.


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